Setting up Office365 mail on Android

When setting up email for Office365 on your Android phone there may be a number of "slightly" different screens.
In these examples, I am using and HTC One-S phone on Android 4.x (ICS). Overall the process is very similar for all androids.
This guide should get you through, but read your screen as you proceed and getting around any differences should be pretty straight forward.


Go to Settings

Slide your finger from the top of the screen down to reveal the notification window.
Select the settings button from this same screen

On many phones this is a gear icon with no words on it


Look at accounts

On the next screen choose Accounts and Sync
Depending on your phone it may be called "Add Account)


Add an account

Click the Add button on the accounts screen


Let your phone know what type of account

Select Exchange ActiveSync from the account types screen


Your Email Info

Enter your COMPLETE email address
I recommend you show the password field as passwords are case sensitive and must be correct, then enter your password.
enter your password (Note in many cases this is an email only password.) Some companies sync these, but not all. If you get stuck here contact your helpdesk.

Select Next


Select Server

Your email should show in the first field as you entered on the last screen

make sure your server is set to
Leave the Domain Field as is.

Select Next


Enter Username info

Scroll down a bit to see username Fields
For username use your ENTIRE email again
Make sure the SSL connection box is checked
Leave your password as is.

Select Next


When to sync

If you are prompted for Smart Sync, I recommend using it. This is a great feature that monitors when you touch your phone and determines when you are sleeping not active etc, and will not even try email unless you unlock your phone during that time.
You are likely to be given other "Sync options" you can read and decide these yourself

Choose Next


Name your account

Give the Account a Name you will recognize (No one sees this but you)
If you ever have to setup multiple Exchange accounts, this will help you find the right mail

Click Finish Setup


You are done

Your email will now process and sync
Within a few minutes you should start seeing contacts from your outlook account and your email begin to come in.


Security Prompt

Some carriers will have their phones send a message that some security settings may need to be controlled by the email.

It is ok to press the Next or OK prompt on this message



My guess is you have hit a few screens that weren't exactly the same, but... you got to here, so assume you are done.
Good work, note that you can delete your mail anytime and re-add it, Exchange is much like google mail, nothing is stored "Only" on the phone, so you get it back just by syncing back.

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