I lost the password for my zero client product and can't make any changes or reset the device back to factory spec, how can I reset the device?

If the zero client device needs to be reset, you will need to request for password reset from EVGA.

Please follow the instructions to get the "Challenge Phrase" for the device which will be required to reset your zero client product:


  1. On the login screen from the drop down options menu select Password.
  2. There will be a rest button on the pop up window in the lower left corner.
  3. The next window will have a challenge phrase which you will need to open an EliteSupport Ticket and provide the Challenge Phrase.
  4. Once we receive the challenge phrase it takes 1 business day to get the Response code.
  5. Follow steps 1,2,3 again to now enter the response code to unlock the device.
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