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In this tutorial, I will be showing you the different Menu options from the Client Portal.

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You must be logged into the Client Portal to see most of the Menu Options.


The first Menu Option is the Home Button: by clicking on the HOME button, you will be navigating to the Client Portal Home Page.

Next is the Account Management Menu; from the Account Management Menu, you will be able to navigate to you’re my Details Page, Manage your Contacts, Add Contacts and Sub-Account Users, Change your Credit Card Details, Password and update your Security Question.


Next Menu Button is the Products and Services Menu; from the Product and Services Menu, you will see My Products and Services Button – this is where you can manage all of your Products and Services, My Domains Button allows you to manage all of your Domains that are registered with and finally, the Add Products and Services Button; this is where you can add new products and services to your account.


The next Menu is the Billing Menu; when you roll over the Billing menu, you will find the My Invoices Button; the My Invoice Button allows you to see all of your current and past invoices. The Contact Billing Button allows you to open a Billing Ticket to communicate with our Billing Team.


The Support Menu allows you to open general support issues with your Products and services by clicking on the Open a Support Case Button; the next Button is the My Support Case Button; when clicked, you will find all of your Tickets in a list format. The General Download Button contains items that can be downloaded that are not directly related to a Product or Service.


The Communications Menu contains the My Email Button; when clicked, you will find all System emails. Any email that is sent by will be stored in the My Email Section. Next is the Network Issues Button; when clicked, you will see all Network related issues; specific to your server and general issues.We use the Network Issues Section to keep you up to date regarding updates, outages and reported issues. The Legal Buttons contain all of our Legal Documents as they relate to your Product and Services with


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