What are the advantages of UCclouds Storage?

UCclouds Storage provides several distinct advantages, bringing individuals and enterprises powerful options for dynamically scaling their IT resources, maximizing data accessibility, and optimizing their total cost of IT.

Pay As You Go or Monthly Packages Monthly billing is based on hourly usage or monthly plans with no long-term commitment, letting customers optimize their return on technology investment by paying only for the resources they need and use. Hourly billing will be offered in the near future.

Fully Integrated Computing Environments UCclouds Storage can be seamlessly integrated with UCclouds Cloud Computing servers, virtual servers, automated services, and all other UCclouds services to create a unified computing environment with unprecedented interoperability and efficiency.

Immediate Scalability Services are added in real time to accommodate unexpected or temporary changes in demand, providing exactly the level of IT power and capacity as needed, when needed.

Ease of Use and Control Full control via UCclouds’ Client Portal and API provides streamlined, simplified management, as well as direct access to all UCclouds services and tools.

Support for All File Formats Upload, store, and share files of any type or size.

Advanced Security Technologies 256-bit AES encryption, SSL encryption, role-based permissions, share expiration, and more protect data during transmission and while stored.

Streamlined Sharing and Linking Collaboration tools allow users to securely share file access with vendors, customers, family,
and friends without moving files from their stored locations.

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