How to log into cPanel

Please note that you only get one login per cPanel. If you create addon, parked and subdomains, then those domains do not have a separate cPanel nor a separate login. Hint: To login to the cPanel for your addon domain, just login to your main cPanel. It is all managed under one control panel.

If you recently purchased a new account with UCclouds, you should type the following information into the address bar of your browser:


If your domain name is already pointing to UCclouds, then you can use the domain name to log into cPanel. Here is an example:

The username and password can be found in your welcome email. If you do not have the correct login, log into the Client Portal ( under the Products & Services Tab, select My Products & Services; click the View Details button for the cPanel account.  You will find your cPanel login information under the "Login Details" Section.

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